7 Reasons to Consider A Friday Wedding

Are you engaged and in the midst of planning your dream wedding? If so, you’ve likely pondered one of the biggest questions every couple faces: “What day should we get married?” Saturdays are the typical day to tie the knot, but have you ever thought about the charm of a Friday wedding? Well, today, we’re going to explore seven fantastic reasons why you should consider saying “I do” on a Friday.

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1. Cost-Effective Bliss

First things first, let’s talk about the green stuff—money. Weddings can be quite a financial investment, but guess what? Friday weddings often come with a lovely cost-saving advantage. Venues and vendors tend to offer lower rates for Fridays compared to the high-demand Saturdays. You’ll get to enjoy your dream wedding without emptying your bank account. And with the extra savings, you can add some luxurious touches to your special day or save for your future together.

2. Extended Weekend Celebration

Friday weddings give you the opportunity to create an extended weekend of festivities. Many couples choose to host a rehearsal dinner on Thursday, celebrate the big day on Friday, and then continue the merriment into Saturday or Sunday. It’s like having your wedding cake and eating it too! This means more quality time with your loved ones, and an extra day to relish in the magic of your new journey together.

3. Vendor Availability

Ever heard the saying, “The early bird gets the worm?” Well, Friday weddings allow you to be that early bird. You’ll find that the best vendors, photographers, and venues are more likely to be available on a Friday compared to the Saturday rush. This means you can secure your dream team without the stress of competing with other couples for dates.

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4. A Unique and Memorable Experience

Friday weddings offer a unique twist to your nuptials. They stand out in a sea of Saturday ceremonies and provide your guests with a memorable experience. Your wedding becomes a kick-off to a weekend of joy, giving your guests a chance to bond, explore the area, or simply relax and enjoy the moment. It’s an unexpected and unforgettable way to celebrate your love.

5. Travel and Accommodations

If you have friends and family coming from out of town, Fridays are ideal. Guests can travel on Thursday, attend your beautiful Friday ceremony, and then have the entire weekend to explore and enjoy the destination with plenty of time to relax and travel back on Saturday or Sunday. It’s a thoughtful way to make your wedding a memorable experience for everyone.

6. Less Likely to Clash with Other Events

Saturdays are prime days for other events, which can lead to scheduling conflicts. On Fridays, you’re less likely to compete with other weddings, major sporting events, or community happenings. This means a higher likelihood of your guests being able to attend and share in your joy.

Consider scheduling your wedding for late afternoon or early evening. This way, your guests will have time to wrap up their workday, and you’ll have the option for a magical candlelit ceremony.

7. Kick-Start the Weekend

Friday weddings kick-start the weekend with love and celebration. You and your guests can unwind, knowing you have a couple of days to recover before heading back to the daily grind. And if you’re planning an evening wedding, it’s the perfect way to transition from work to weekend mode.

Just remember to send out your save-the-dates well in advance. Give your loved ones plenty of notice to plan their schedules and ensure they can attend your special day.

Friday weddings are a hidden gem in the world of nuptials. They offer cost savings, extended weekend celebrations, and a unique, memorable experience for both you and your guests. So, if you’re still debating which day of the week to celebrate your love, give Friday a serious thought. It’s a fabulous way to create a magical and cost-effective wedding that sets you apart from the crowd. Here’s to your fantastic Friday wedding, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories!

At Warehouse Winery, we stand for your unique love story and work alongside you to create the perfect wedding. Having your wedding on a Friday is a great way to tell your guests that your wedding will be uniquely yours. We will help you plan your ceremony and reception in our stunning and eclectic space that offers lots of amenities, a walkout patio, and two hospitality suites among tons of charm and character. Contact us today to take a tour in person and start planning your Friday wedding. 

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