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Billy Smith: Winemaker

An epiphany — is the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something. A new foundational frame of reference.

This is how I respond when asked the question, "How did you get started making wine"?

Morphing from vision to passion I planted over 400 cold climate Marquette grape vines in my front yard. And with the support of family and friends I was soon crushing and fermenting locally grown cold climate grapes and the best Northern California grapes I could buy!

Experimenting, but following the advice of the best wine makers, TIME has become a guiding force and mantra for my life of making quality Red Wines!



My sincere thanks to my friends, family and industry associates
— present and past...

Bob Mueffelmann ...for marketing and web design

Business Centers - Staff ...Greg, James, Cathy, Susan, and Jay

Cori Mueffelmann ...for marketing, design and graphic production

Dan Brick ...wholesale supplies

Dominick Chirichillo ...winemaker, grower, and consultant

Elmer Swenson ...a pioneering grape breeder who introduced a number of new cultivars, effectively revolutionizing grape growing in the Upper Midwest and other cold and short-seasoned regions. more...

FlexoImpressions ... Mike Wilzbacher – sales consultant

Gary Spencer

Harrison & Parker Smith ...for their present and future interest

Indy International Wine Competition

International Cold Climate Competition

Irene Smith ...for being Vineyard Japanese Beetle Specialist

John Marshall ...grower and supplier

Mark Wedge ...winemaker and consultant

Mid-American Wine Competition

Midwest Homebrewing & Winemaking Supplies

MN Grape Growers Association

Nick Smith & Anna Kathryn Mansfield... of MN Arboretum

Ray Winter ...cold climate grower and supplier